Christmas Felt Bunting

Bauble bunting

Bauble Bunting

Well in November’s Make With Me we made Xmas bunting and it was fab.

We used a similar template to this to make the traditional flag bunting ( but there was a lot of innovation going on.  We had bunting in the shape of holly and baubles.

This bunting doesn’t need sewing but you may need to hand stitch it onto the ribbon as the glue doesn’t seem to want it to stick. Felt is great as it doesn’t fray and looks very festive.  You could make any type of bunting this way – we just chose to make Xmas bunting as it was nice and festive.

Felt bunting Xmas style

Felt bunting Xmas style

To make the bunting you need:

A template – either one you made yourself or one similar to the one linked above.


Ribbon (we had wide gold ribbon – but anything in your theme is great)

Glue (we had felt, pva and fabric glue)

Biscuit cutters in Xmas friendly shapes such as stars, trees, hearts etc)

Sequins / glitter / glitter glue

Kids scissors

Pins / rulers etc

(1) First of all cut out the shapes out of felt.  To do this pinning the template onto them on may help (it helped me)

(2) Decorate the bunting with scraps of felt, glitter etc until they are decorated how you would like them.  Use glue to attach the decorations.

(3) You will need to attach the bunting to the ribbon.  We found out yesterday that the glue is not great so you will need to sew or staple on the bunting to the ribbon.  I will probably run my son’s through the sewing machine – as for that is the quickest way.

(4) You now have Xmas bunting that you can put up year after year.

Bunting up close

Bunting up close


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