Making Salt Dough Decorations

For last year’s Xmas tree we decided to personalise it with some homemade Xmas decorations made out of salt dough. I had never heard of the stuff until I found out about it on a forum so thought I would share with you all.

In our next class on 3rd August we are making salt dough beads so you will make the dough the same just mould it differently to make beads.

When painting you will need to make sure that you don’t put too much paint in otherwise it might take forever to dry (or end up in a soggy heap like our first attempt). The other alternative is to add some food colouring or acrylic paint to the dough before you mould it / roll it out etc. Once the colour has been added you will need to knead the dough to make sure the dough it the colour you require. You then don’t need to paint them as they will already be the right colour. I also varnished mine after the paint had dried to give them a nice sheen.


Before painting.

What you need

Large bowl

1 cup salt

2 cups plain flour

1 cup cold water

Paint / glitter / ribbon to decorate

How to make it

(1) In the large bowl mix salt and flour.

(2) Slowly add the 1 cup of water and mix to the desired consistency.

(3) Knead dough on a flat surface – you can add a few drops of water if needed.

(4) To make decorations roll it out and cut out shapes with a biscuit cutter. Make a hole with a skewer to thread the ribbon through.

(5) To dry it out put it in a cool oven for a few hours or let it air dry for a few days (may take a week).

(6) Once it has dried paint it and cover in glitter if wanted.

(7) Once the paint has dried you can thread through the ribbon and put on your Xmas tree.

Salt dough can also be used to make beads, you can put child hand / foot prints on and give these as a memento.

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