When things don’t quite go to plan

This post is mainly to show off the cute picture.

So today the plan was to paint canvases in the garden. That way any paint mess generated would be cleaned by the rain. The problem being it was raining too much outside to do it. So as the kitchen is going to be redone (at some point this year…) I covered the floor in newspaper and put the canvases and paint on there.

So far so good. I had paper bowls for the paints as I thought they would want to use their hands etc. Except they decided to paint each other. Luckily due to lots of wipes and me being super careful the house didn’t get trashed but the next place we went to was straight to the bath.

Apart from that some cheap canvases and paint is a great activity for kids of all ages. Just don’t expect them to paint on the canvas.

Painting each other....

Painting each other….

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