Making 3D Pop up beak cards

The Boy is going to a party next week and instead of buying a card we decided to make one. I have memories of making them when I was younger so I thought it was worth a shot.

They were really easy to make and the final effect was fab. The Boy personalised it with a picture of the climbing tree he went on with his friend. I helped with colouring too (though obviously the Boy could have done a better job without me).




What you need

2 pieces of A4 card



Crayons, pencils or felt pens (or all of them)

How to make it

(1) Fold a piece of card in half. Cut a line about 2 inches long (5 cm) in the middle of the crease.

(2) Fold back each of the flaps to make 2 triangles.

(3) Open up the card and lay it down like a v.

(4) Push one of the triangles up and pinch the edges together above the card and repeat with the other triangle.

(5) Shut the card and push down on the folds to make them well-creased. When you open this you will have a pop-up beak.

(6) Fold another piece of paper in half and glue this to the outside of the card. Don’t glue near the beak area or it won’t open. Let the glue dry.

(7) Draw a bird around the beak and decorate the card.

You can make these with jagged beaks and all sorts but we kept ours straight and simple.



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