Arancini (risotto) balls

As you can probably tell by the nature of these posts.  I like cooking both by myself and with the boy and girl.  Arancini balls are something I don’t make often enough.  But I did make them last week so thought I would add a blog as you can make them with little ones.  Though obviously not the frying bit that is best to do yourself.

To make arancini balls you need left over risotto.  You could make a fresh risotto to cook these but this recipe assumes you are using leftovers.  They follow the same process I used for the goujons.  So you get your left over risotto and roll it into tight balls.  If you are feeling adventurous you can put a small piece of mozarella in the centre of the ball and push the rice tight around.

You then need to coat in flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.  All of this could be done by a young child and is good fun if only a bit messy. The boy loves doing this and so does the girl in a less coordinated way.

Once all your ball are made they need frying a few minutes each side until they are golden brown. Then serve with some salad and / or veg.

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