Fish goujons (and chicken too)

One thing we love to do in the MWM house is to cook together. The boy who is five loves to help.

Today we made one if our faves fish goujons. The recipe is simple.

Pack of white fish we use 300g of pollack

Two table spoons of plain flour

Two eggs lightly beaten

Breadcrumbs or crushed cornflakes to cover. I use a few handfuls of cornflakes crushed in the food processor

Chop the fish into child size portions. Dip it first in flour, the egg and then cornflakes or breadcrumbs. This bit can be done with the help of a child and even the two year old loves to help.

Heat up the frying pan add a centimetre of oil and fry a few minutes each side.
This bit needs to be done by an adult.

You can if you want replace the fish with chicken which works a treat.

We served these today with peas and roasted carrots / sweet potatoes. I call it fish and chips and its well loved even though the boy wanted pizza originally….



After cooking


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