First MWM

Well the first MWM has been and gone on Saturday 15th June. Lots of fun was had by parents and children.

The activities were weaving, fabric painting and fabric yoyos / Suffolk Punches.

The children (aged 5 to 10) painted puppets and pencil cases. They used wool to make hair and fabric to my tongues. It was a fab activity and managed to keep them captivated for around an hour.

The adults did weaving. Looms were made and lovely woven fabrics were made with my mum’s lovely collection of wool she bought for MWM. Time seemed to speed along quickly and a fab time was had. So much fun that time just went too quickly. My mum is going to write a tutorial which will feature in a new blog post.

Also lovely cake was eaten. I baked Lorraine Pascale’s I Just Don’t Give a Damn Chocolate Cake. This is lovely and moist. I also made the icing and didn’t cheat and buy Betty Crockers chocolate icing.





Some of the gorgeous items made



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