Excitement in the Make With Me house


So the equipment for the classes has been ordered and is winging its way over to the MWM House.

Saturday I got freezer paper (I had never heard of it either) which is fab for making stencils.  I have also ordered pencil cases and drawstring bags to decorate.  We are going to make stencils and then with fabric paint sponge the design onto the bag / pencil case.

We have bags of fabric to use for weaving and making fridge magnets / other cool objects from fabric.

I must have been caught by the bug as I found a double sheet which is too small for my bed and have decided to print a design onto it for use in one of my new craft projects.  I am just finishing off a hat for my little boy and then I need to make some pj bottoms.  Well I don’t need to make anything else but am quite in love with it.

Tonight I start my patchwork course at http://www.homespunliving.co.uk/events/.  To say I am very excited maybe an understatement.

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